Ali Waris Apartment

Ali Waris is a perfect community, completed with exclusive & essential
facilities, enhancing privacy, promoting aesthetics and absorbing park
view. This project is situated at Gizri, Clifton Karachi.

This project is perfect example of the highly affordable residence project at
posh location of Karachi with 2 beds + Lounge and 3 Bed Drawing + Dining
with all the necessary facilities with attach baths, Open Kitchen along with
an Excellent Floor Plan. Promoting the concept of a unique housing
communal where peace and privacy is generated in a serene and peaceful

Park, walkways provides opportunity to indulge in healthy activities. The
ultimate notion behind the project is to create fully planned and technically
designed Luxurious apartment having considered the social needs and
values of its residents. All apartment have been designed with a provision of
maximum natural light and fresh air, which makes our project attractive.